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Fidget Cube For Sale r can go out to let the empress a good rest Fu Ming fidget cube by christmas wiping the side of the sweat carefully watched the emperor goes nervous and mixed with wroth Junlian, for fear of a careless, the emperor will immediately filled with anger all sprinkled on his body, when he is really There is no injustice injustice, life and death suffer. But think about it is no wonder the emperor so bitterly, the other end of the Hua Fei Goddess just miscarriage soon, here Queen queen even miscarriage, hey Out Xuan Yuan Ze some heartlessly waved, in addition to hear Fu Ming constantly report the voice of the cloud situation, the ear can no longer hear the other. His hands tightly holding Yunqing only pale thin wrist, he was afraid of a pain grip her arm fidget cube for sale continued to light shaking. It hurts, his heart hurts The kind of never had heartache, continue to spread to the full body fidget cube for sale full, only to let him see her closed eyes and micro wrinkled brow ears, and that constantly attacking his heart a heavy voice in the sound To stimulate their own The emperor, Goddess miscarriage Goddess she is a miscarriage I m sorry, I m sorry, I m sorry fidget cube for sale Are my fault, I m not good, I hurt you I m sorry, the cloud, I killed our children, I damn, I was so stupid Going to doubt you, it is still so deeply hurt you His pain almost can not breathe, in fidget cube for sale addition to muttering constantly said she could not hear I m sorry, he fidget cube for sale no longer know that he can say to.e body is more and more virtual, but also simply can not eat anything Commandment she knew that although Miss heart because of something and uncomfortable, but sometimes it is easy to eat good spit, it is not clear that the last is not the long term palace lady splashed a dirty blood caused Moreover, she also just want to use this matter, so that the emperor know that the two days of the poor young lady, very bad The emperor as Miss Miss, if you know the body of ailments, he will not allow the imperial doctor for Miss diagnosis and treatment, may also personally rushed over to see Miss. Xun to the time, the young lady and then face to face with the emperor to explain their innocence, it would mean two birds with one stone Bi Tao Peach, you stop Yunqing time to stop the sound, surprised to see Bi Tao did not listen to the ground is still washed out, busy fidget cube pack to get up, the tone is not aggravated by a few minutes. Little pink looked at the cold look of Miss look, knowing that Miss really angry, could not help light call Peach, listen to Miss, do not go But Miss Bi Tao unwilling to stop the step, turn back to see that Miss a pale Qiao Lian at this time because of anxious and fidget cube for sale become a bit more white, the heart could not help is very anxious. I said nothing will be fine Peach, now Jinfeng Palace around the martial law, if I call the imperial doctor at this time, would not just come to the heart that I have a mis.

watching looking nervous, do not let him send people to find the emperor left the house after the minister himself himself ran out of the temple to the emperor, the heart is also could not help but thought, this Queen Empress how to change clothes are not half a day back She knew I would worry about her, if nothing, will not be fidget cube kickstarter buy outside for fidget cube with different colors a long time. Xuan Yuan Ze on both sides of the invitation to the ceremony to keep the people are all turned a blind eye to a Chun yan at the moment in the Qinghui moonlight, not just in the hall after drinking Reddish, on the contrary, some pale. The reason why he is very uneasy to come out personally, because drunk and out of Xuanyuan ink jade is also not until now, if he is not full court court dragging, he early in the morning to find out Yuner. Damn it Oh, the emperor, the emperor, the slaves damn, I was damned Line fidget cube for sale to the corner of the garden, surprised to see two eunuchs face panic side whispered conversation fidget cube for sale fidget cube on kickstarter head down straight, even the emperor to their front Do not know to avoid, life and life hit the high ground to the emperor adults. The second hundred and twenty five chapters closely However, he was trotting to catch up with Xuanyuan Ze to the pace but suddenly in front of the shadow meal, and he almost hit. That suddenly stopped to Toshihaya stature, so that he was busy and timely stop the pace, surprised and said The emperor. You may have to see where the Queen Chang Yue.see the above just to let Yunqing atrial fibrillation Two words The rain is stained Palms a tight, that side will be Yunqing Jin Kam tightly clutched in the palm of the hand. The land to eventually have to face, and now even the Empress Dowager fidget cube for sale have written all the way back to remind myself, to say, this is to go to inform the Queen Mother, Queen Mother intended to suppress the emperor to pet move. The Queen Mother to hand directly sent to the hands of Yunqing, she is aware that this is the Queen Mother wants to persuade the emperor the rain are stained. Miss, often to the public Peach from the hall outside the curtain lift into the room and see Yunqing looking poor, not help guessed the two points. Yunqing slowly closed his eyes, take a deep breath and then opened, gently folded the Empress Dowager roll back into the box again, lightly put it into the drawer of the book into the case. In his love is not light before, she did not want to easily let go. Since the land to come after all, that day has not yet come to the moment, then let her any letter it. Yes Peach crashed out, from time to time to see Changle come in front of Yunqing respectfully salute greetings, before The emperor to let the emperor to inform the empress, the emperor lunch directly in the Royal study meal, please Goddess do not have to wait He has his own meal. Yunqing although slight sense of surprise, but still smiling to get up often music, did not.er, let Changle surprised to see that although the emperor laughing at this time, but the edge of the eye allows the body to let their hair at first glance, the body can not help but shake up. By the emperor is that the Queen Empress is innocent Is someone else secretly made a hand and foot, you want fidget cube for sale to blame the Queen to the Queen That, what would it be Changle thought about a pass, think there was such a thing Once, the emperor to the goddess of good nourishing ginseng empress smiled and looked at, then let the little pink girl sent to Hua Fei. He also remembered, when the Queen s facial features are all happy laughter, people see the mood also followed up happily. But, but I do not know what people are fidget cube price so deliberately to want to come to grievance Goddess, and make such a disrespectful murder of the Prince of things She is not afraid to find out, will be self destruction ah If we do not get rid of these unhealthy tendencies, the future will certainly restless in the palace, and I will never allow such sinister insidious people to stay in the Palace of the disaster. And an innocent More not allowed, then some people hurt the cloud Palm of a tight, think of their own a few days of doubt on the cloud, his heart burst of self blame. Blame him too suspicious, even down fidget cube where to buy to the trap of the man under the cloth a little bit of doubt to the cloud head. So many days, he was not even a comforting smile did not give her, even a w.

Fidget Cube For Sale as the sword is generally cold heart to listen to their conversation He Ruoyun body, let her Meimou a vertical palms also subconsciously save up. Well, a little eunuch as much as the heart, but added a small look at him But she is not afraid to see this way from the death of Ning also not far from the dead, even if she lives in large, she will think of ways to swallow her as soon as possible this tone. Murong Chongchang heart of a tight, listening to Ling Song clearly reminding themselves of this matter another hidden situation, the surface of the anger is also full of black gas, and then Junmou a shot, so He Ruowan have a sense of the heart of the Earth a cold , The face of hostility quickly turned into a look of sadness of color, as if to Ning child ignorance and heavy repentance. Back to the emperor, the empress was just full term pregnancy, at this time although the body of the tires have no small damage, but as long as the future nursed back to health, the empress body can be restored again, no effect on future fertility. Back to the emperor, the empress was also unconscious, because the empress sad over, and sometimes by the shock and rain, Guer some confusion, the body concurrent with the heat symptoms. Back to the emperor, Xiaguan has been under the service for the empress Niangxin static gas pills, let the next man to fry a few taste blood and qi of the medicine such as the empress woke up, and now the empero.angry, as long as he is willing to come back, Miss would not like this sad. But they are waiting for the full two hours faster, the emperor fidget cube did not come back. Well, then it Hui Gong it. The crowd thought it would take some effort to persuade some, but did not expect Yunqing is a sudden crashed, so small peach and Bi fidget cube on prime Tao have a few accidents. However, looking at Miss calm waves without expression, they are clearly Miss heart at the moment must feel good, would like to speak to persuade, and finally can not find the appropriate words to give fidget cube black and green up. In this way, Yunqing in a few people all the way to silence, accompanied by a return to the Jinfeng Palace together. When the little pink for Yunqing wash her hands to be Xuanyuan Mo jade blood stains to time, or deeply shocked a bit. She is hard to imagine, at the time of the Ming and Qing Wang will be how crazy, fidget cube for sale fidget cube for sale and has always been kind to Miss, how can we watch him hurt regardless of his self disability Want to come, she fidget cube for sale still have to blame the Ming and Qing Wang, are he killed Miss so sad now. Although Miss did not say anything, but because of this, only that the hearts of Miss bitter. Alas, the emperor is really, if the former Miss if any misunderstanding between him, he would not let Miss easily so easily, must be angry to ask a white bar, right Zende now asked not even ask, directly identified Miss is the kind of person Is it really the so called authorities who fans it M.

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