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fidget Cube Amazon t jumped out Chest to. Facing the Xuanyuan Ze is the two ring head, he also to his family fidget cube amazon s life and security, not dare to deceive the king. Then, they listen to Xuan Yuan Ze let people go to the legendary doctor Fu Ming, ordered the rushed came Zhu Huagong, together to investigate whether the Hua Fei Tang meal in safflower ingredients. Soon, Fu Ming came, after looking, smell, taste the three debates, found that soup is really mixed with safflower, scared that Chen Rui almost paralyzed on fidget cube amazon the ground, in addition to addressing wronged, simply do not know how to justify. The emperor, would like to Zhuhuan Gongren more complex eyes, will not be someone else by Chen Rui not pay attention when quietly put the red flowers, including the emperor as all involved in ingredients, fire, All the people all gathered together, but also more accurately detect, in the end who is wanting to harm Hua Fei Yunqing seeing this, look like Chen Ru really do not know the way, not help out of the proposal. Has certainly affirmed that some people want to harm Hua Fei, but fidget cube price in the end is what the next hand, behind the scenes of the people who in the end, it is the need for further detailed investigation. Such as this is Chen fidget cube amazon Rui, it is simply fidget cube amazon not useful, the murderers or can not be caught. Regulus Ze lightly turned around to see her eyes did not agree with no objection, but some looked at her a long while, and the rear nodded Well, according to.he share of pain to torture. Really a fidget cube discount lot better, if you are not convenient, do not need to bother me later. Heart slightly acid, can not tell what feelings, let him even some Resentment to say these words, but also to Yunqing slightly Yizheng, this note, he turned out to be so heavy. what happened to you She carefully looked at him sadly to face, the face had just chuckle quietly he was somewhat different. Nothing, I mean really. Quickly felt her puzzled, Xuanyuan Yi endured the hearts of the share of inexplicable pain, turned to her smiled fidget cube amazon and asked Huang Xiong him, did not hurt you last night, right In fact, he saw her face a bright smile on the time to understand, Huangxiong between her heart knot should have been solved. But out of concern, he still wanted her to be sure I was assured. His words to Yunqing surface of a red, can not help but gently deflection at the beginning. No. Softly spit out a word, she could not help think of Regulus at fidget cube amazon noon under the scene, until now, also let her heart to think of then warm to secretly light hi. At that time, he insisted on his call him Ze , he just let the peach and peach come to help their own thrush dressing, even personally for their own description on the eyebrow indigo, light flutter powder, point the lip fat. Until he simply can not comb their hair for herself, she was some funny directly call the Peach came, fidget cube amazon pushed him, or let the Peach for themselves to be able to.

ng gloomy always unchanged, so Yunqing want to comfort him, but it is not how to speak. Time a little bit in the past, looking at Regulus Zeyuan increasingly uneasy look, Yunqing not help gently Yi Tan, said Ze, do not worry too much, I think Liu imperial doctor will be able to successfully treat Hua Fei sister Will certainly keep Regulus Ze is silent, a long while, he looked up and looked calm and Yunqing, suddenly asked Why did not cloud the morning to inform me Ms fidget cube black and green out of such a big thing, she should promptly notify themselves, but did not. He just wanted to go back to the Palace of the Jinfeng Palace to see her directly, but met the Palace intended to ask their own back fidget cube relieves stress to the palace of Zhu Huagong, telling her Waner poor health, and even the doctor said, fear of a child like a child. When he came when the child has just woke up from the coma, see yourself, he saw her look is so happy and excited, even when the tears flow out of the sad, ask yourself not to leave, that she is good Fear of children will be gone. He did not know exactly how the matter in the end, after listening to Ning child speaks the morning Hua Fei will faint once, but sent to please their own when the Queen was Dangxia. While the imperial doctor Liu also some creak Wu Wu said Hua Fei s condition was strange and fast, in addition to what he thinks of the empress because of the melancholy some melancholy, there is a greater reason, seems to be w.when broken off, but also for the good intentions of the pity, had known such trip people, Mo acquaintance. The emperor drive to, Hua Fei Goddess drive to Outside the hall heard a long pass, as suddenly, so clear, let Peach heart surprised, busy turned outward looked. Yunqing is a smile of fidget cube net a stiff, the body has also maintained the action has just been, fidget cube amazon the rise of the collision into the pair fidget cube amazon of bright and beautiful figure, but in addition to that assassination of bright yellow eye color will no longer see the other. The palm of the hand abruptly clenched, it can not say the breathing difficulties to her heart to speak by a sharp stone to assassinate severely. Obviously the light, but in the face of the time again, the heart will be pain. He, or as tall and handsome His whole body is still full of rich emperors of the gas, as Jun photo, intoxicating mind. His eyes, is still deep and then can not see through, as if a Wang Qing Tan, is steadily involved in her soul. He is still his Regulus Ze, Tianque of the Emperor Just yourself, but it is no longer that their own Full of pain and full of sadness, really should not be their own showing. But why the acid to the pain of the heart, fidget cube uk so strongly forced himself to her, just fidget cube amazon want to at this moment, quickly flee. For a time, between heaven and earth as if only with her, as the static, static to all things silent. Regulus Ze looked deeply at the pale and horror of the woman, hear.een self cultivation and childbirth, no longer any intrigue and other things, what is the reason for her even more and more frail body, and actually have a slippery image Why is fidget cube amazon the imperial doctor has been diagnosed so far Back to the Queen, the goddess has always been cold side of the body, had the honor to have a kind of rare dragon species, but for some time ago to see the emperor s body, although virtual virtual, but not so weak now, so Chen has recently more attention and more for the empress Ready to miscarriage tocolysis of the drug, but do not want to, Goddess constitution or weakened, and now Liu Quan heavy kneel, bowed his head heavily to the Yunqing pleaded guilty for the minister useless Although the minister tried to miscarriage, but I really do not know for the Hua Fei s blood was actually more and more weak, Fear can no longer keep the belly of the belly of the Hua Fei Fei, please Goddess fine No, Liu fidget cube amazon Taiyi, please be sure to keep the children of the palace belly, in any case, please help me to save the doctor too Hua Fei bed of the body struggling to get up from the side, , Yun Qing is also busy to get up to comfort her emotions, efforts to calm tone said My sister do not have to worry about, Liu is also just worried that the imperial doctor, want to come should not be something. Chapter 245 Beads are not guaranteed Sister, I beg you to help me, I do not want to lose this child, he is.

fidget Cube Amazon e so that we do not tension, the other hand but tightly clutching his mouth, that kind of overwhelming nausea directly from the heart of life and life to force the throat, so she almost bile fidget cube a vinyl desk toy Have to spit out, fidget cube amazon fidget cube on prime can be the kind of vomiting feeling or continue to attack her body. where to buy fidget toys Miss, how is this, the small child, go to the imperial doctor Peach anxious tears are out, to see Miss have not used to dinner, noon lunch and then only a little bit of what, But now even spit into this, this, this Do not Yunqing stomach an anti busy an acid pressure down, hastily stopped to kill the often intend to leave hi, the sound weak You me, all right.You are not nervous, just I smell the blood of the hearts of uncomfortable, spit it like. Goddess, you look like this is very serious. Lingge some do not trust, although the goddess who really touched the blood, but the empress under the lanterns looking so pale, so he could not help secretly worried. Yunqing strong deep breath of the fresh air in the rain, and strive to make themselves no longer vomit, waved it quickly to let everyone back to the palace. Ling is a singer lifted, had just dropped the phoenix chariot once again raised, with a step of a shake of light Huang, Yun chi heart of the sense of nausea is constantly stimulating her. Carved curtains and then did not fidget cube relieves anxiety dare to put down, even if the rain fell to the head body, she Hao do not care, just despera.ia read this Seoul temperament light, failing to calm and leisurely, suitable to take up the Queen s big office, for the emperor to persuade the use of psychological management, a generation of Yin Junming Lord. But do not want, Seoul actually ranks in the ranks of the Queen of the rate of self worthy of the ancestors of the Ming system, the emperor dedicated to pet and cast aside San Gong six homes These acts of Ai is very angry, read this Seoul young and fit, a time limit of love things do not blame the family of Seoul But Ai Jia Er Seoul solemnly, as soon as possible to persuade the Emperor to rain and dip, otherwise, Ai Jia will not Qingrao Gently close the eye, Yunqing slowly take a deep breath And then open, her face calmly in the hands of the brocade light stacked up, and then placed with the last, and then got up to call Lingge, so that the emperor had recently touched on the affairs of the church to inquire about her. Miss, the Queen Mother here how to do Bi Tao Miss looked calm face looking, not help secretly worried, the Queen Mother has two consecutive letters and misses, one of the warning means very clear. Want to come is to be told the Queen Mother, only to make the Queen Mother and Miss Empress of things so angry letter, if Miss continue to ignore, then if even the Queen Mother to condemn the lady, Miss alone how to do Yunqing lightly got up and went to the window looked at the distant light breeze of t.

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