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Fidget Cube Buy Online r the days of Que, will retain its Prince of waiting for the seat, thanks to the city of the city of days and the city of Dongcheng hundred dumping, let Yue Yue Tiannian But the incident caused by, when also by fidget cube buy online its treatment Therefore, he ordered the Regulus to choose the day to hand over the troops and horses to the newly appointed Duan Qingming, allowing him to stay three thousand troops in the body, for the things he committed atonement, personally with the emperor letters and I related compensation objects and Escort the daughter of the country to Woguo These practices, although full of reluctance to Xuan Yuan Chi, but among the ministers but very understanding without one pleading, had to resign to hand over the soldiers, seeing the young emperor to the new general Duan Ming Ming Fortunately, the emperor also allowed it with three thousand troops in the body, among the many king of waiting, can be considered a special case, not under the heart of a little comfort, nodded leadership Confessed, Regulus Ze and Duan Qingming phase as one, the two hearts of the boulder can be considered to fall. Prior to this, two people are worried that fidget cube video fidget cube buy online Regulus Chi will be anti purpose does not comply, refused to hand over its command for many years of border seal So today on the DPRK, he personally won the Queen s congregation conceded the matter, but fortunately, when rein in Chi Yuan Chi, Zhong Chen can converge some. Sure enough.y for her cold command If you do not want to die, the house will give you a chance to meritorious Today, the emperor will let me take you fidget cube buy online to the Palace of Golden Phoenix Palace I want you to act in accordance with my wink, no matter what you resorted to, and today must let Yunqing the woman s face, leaving your finger marks Things into the house will be Strongly protect you Later, the house will also have a good drop keep you, so you are safe in the Palace side to do a close big palace women Otherwise, if not Xuanyuan Ze pain cry awakened by all of this sudden scene and stunned fidget cube buy online everyone, they do not know in the end what happened, but to see what happened, To the emperor leaned over to pick up the queen Empress of the moment, the ground water has quickly dyed a red Bright red blood along the Yunqing skirt constantly dripping, even the steamed bread can not be washed out again, on the contrary, the ground merged into a bloody blood, one by one, fidget cube on amazon dyed the crowd s eyes. Miss Bi Tao desperate to pounce into the rain, but fidget cube for sale in addition to a soft foot to fall after the legs, no longer able to climb up. Tears, as the emperor picked up the rapid departure of the figure fidget cube buy online quickly blurred the eyes, in addition to Miss who continued to drop the blood red color, she is also a black eyes, can not see this blood red heaven and earth. CHAPTER 182 He deserves to die Rain, is still constantly rushing straight.

no clue to the first place, the palace there Queen Queen Mother Today s expedition to come to an end, tomorrow you have to Phi read the papers and sleep at night. Often see the emperor uncomfortable eyes closed his eyes stroking his brow, thinking that the emperor is too tired Head uncomfortable, not help out of sound comfort. Other people are all buried low head, for fear at this time issued a message to be implicated in the murder of the case of the concubine Huafei up, though often to hear the comfort of the public, but no one dared to look up. Fu Ming, according to your opinion, this safflower come from Regulus light pinched look at the eyebrows, do not care Changle s proposal, and then suddenly looked up under the Fu Ming, let the other Wensheng surprised, panic The rise should be said Back to the emperor, Xiaguan think that this hot sauce fidget cube buy online is clearly the composition of safflower, but the material can not see the slightest shadow of safflower, and all the people who have not seen the theft and thief throw throwing the move, That shows that people are extremely cautious to do things, it is not easy to investigate Endured extreme urge to wipe the impulse, Fu Ming is not good at reasoning. Can the adults ordered the emperor, he would have to say a few words. But, he found himself said not only did not mean, but also has a big praise of fidget cube prism the drug under the suspicion, and so on a finish, his face was pale too. What you m.les, but also seemed to be a deep concentration of the. The emperor, since the temporary investigation can not find a solution, you still go back and rest Under some of the heart could not bear, then the sound of the proposal to let go back to rest. The Regulus Ze is a look a change, and some looked at her heavily, said I m not tired, if you are tired, then go back and rest Yunqing see him worried about here, know that no one in the end to find out who is prescribing drugs before he can not rest assured that the rest. Advised sigh a cry, she let him do not get too tired, they led Jinfeng Gong in the crowd to leave. Regulus Ze looked at her gradually away to the elegant back, and found that these days, she is also a lot of weight loss. Heart could not help but pity, cloud, she lost. In fact, want to leave with her, leaving everything here, only to accompany her side. But fidget cube buy online the reality here is clearly told him, Ms child is deliberately knocked down, and that person is still so smart, although people found the facts of the crime, but because they can not find evidence and still go unpunished. This means that such effort, if that person or their own people around, then how should he face If, if the person or his beloved person, then he should feel then The emperor, you really have to look back to the palace a good rest, this is almost two days you are not together, so go really hurt the body ah I do not see here as there is.e arrival of his arrival and some scared to Yunqing. Princes please stay Murong Chong Jun Mei a twist, stature slightly after the side, fidget cube buy online the waist sword will be even the sheath uprooted, straight Zhijian block Xuanyuan Mo Yu to figure, the sound also increased a bit. He had just been in the vicinity of Xuanyuan Mo Yu noticed him, because he found that he was just standing in the distance fidget cube shop quietly watching the empress figure, they also did not speak out to remind them empress. But at the moment looking at him clearly want to close the empress, his body as the empress to personal security, that is, the other is the princes, he is also as Hao unsparing. Qing Er, Xuanyu ink jade big waved his hand, although the moves look a bit messy, but it is very cleverly waved Murong Chong scabbard, side call Yunqing name, side hand to deal with has been prepared to draw sword out of Murong Red, articulate some unclear roar What are you Give the king to open Princes, I m sorry, under will not let you hurt the Queen s Empress Murong Chong looking Lengran, looking at this sudden madness to the Ming and Qing Wang is also some did not expect to see him just stay in the distance, not drunk to look like, but at the moment fidget cube fidget cube it is wine gushing, drunk Again and again. stop Yunqing first a stiff, and then looked at Murong Chongjian pointed to drunk to Xuanyuan Mo Yu, the fear of Murong Chongshi hurt him, busy out loud stop. The Murong Chong is Wen.

Fidget Cube Buy Online walking in the Fang Fang fidget cube buy online to one hundred flowers slowly toward their own, the front of the picturesque beauty, Lai Ying light moving, attracted butterflies around the skirt busy. Moment, breathing slightly stopped, has always been cold to the eye is not overflowing with a dazzling sun, warm to even their own will burn. Heart, while the feeling of joy and pain, he looked at the woman is getting closer and closer, the more she felt farther and farther. Yunqing, she is like the sun, so bright, obviously in front, but as far away. When she first leisurely standing in front of their own, her eyes warm to let him both desire to fidget cube buy online close and fear of approaching. She was so beautiful, she appeared to be like the sun in winter, so warmly shone into a dark corner of his deep in the cold heart. He liked her deeply. But he can only be quietly behind her to keep friends, is a willingness to pay her everything to blame happiness has to know. She is her own to Huangsao, but he never was her own Huangsao. In his heart, she should fidget cube buy online not belong to anyone, she was so beautiful as dust off, she was so beautiful things can not be square, she should belong to the heavenly fairies, should not belong to any mortal world. Is the man who has a real man to unworthy If not because she was in love with that person, not because her eyes do not know when to have a little bit of light for the person to worry about, he will not be willing to let her by othe.the resulting illness. And later due to the accumulation of more and more heavy dose, is Hua Fei s body is getting worse, so that there will be seen before fidget cube for purchase the fetal movement red phenomenon, if continue to take, there will be even a large number of slippery fetal symptoms of bleeding. So confirmed by the imperial doctor, the phenomenon of Hua Fei Niangniang is taking these red flowers of the tonic, which led to the slide child. And those things, Zhu Gong Palace of the people agreed that Queen Queen was pregnant after Hua Fei, have been sent. But what Peach anxiously watching the creak Wu Wu s regular father fidget cube buy online in law, could not help but reminders. Often father in law, the emperor wants you to come to the palace, is not want to take the house to go to ask Yunqing has been fidget cube blue quietly listening to Lingge et al eager to excuse, the surface surprised by the beginning gradually return Indifferent calm. She asked gently asked, obviously so dull, letting Changle heart next tight, some sad fidget cube coupon bowed his head, replied is not empress, the emperor is to let the empress or you send a trusted The servant went back and confirmed, to see if those things were the goddess. Heart, suddenly sank, as early as that music has just been Chase, she should guess If he believes in yourself, why let people come to ask yourself Oh, the occurrence of such a thing is already expected, but his reaction, but contrary to fidget cube buy online their own expectations. The orig.

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