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Fidget Cube Fidget Cube the heart sour Emperor, empress, empress of the palace of the palace to come to please the emperor and the empress to go to a trip, said Huafei Goddess body discomfort, I do not know how to get up at midnight suddenly fainting, and short term suffocation phenomenon. Changle s voice, listening to the sound is just awakened, but also with a hint of hoarse. What Xuanyuan Ze sound of a Young, has been quickly sat up. Yunqing is also the hearts of surprised, busy with sat up and said The emperor, let s quickly look at it in the past. Xuan Yuan Ze has started to dress, suddenly remembered what turned around, facing Yunqing Road, You still do not get up, and this night re exposed heavy, I look at the past is good. Well, have been awake, and sometimes difficult to sleep. Moreover, Hua Fei ailments, both informed, and how not to visit Yunqing shook his head, will be deft to get up. Xuanyuan Ze see also did not say, just call often music and Bi Tao into the house for two people dress. The desire to walk away, and Xuanyuan Chak Yunqing worry about the middle of the night because of cold, then passed the phoenix chariot, two by chariot line. Step inside the Yun Qing Yun Xu Although not able to see the look of Ze, but listening to his silence has been breathing, but obviously fidget cube fidget cube a trace of a trace of concern. Do not worry, want to have Liu imperial doctor in, Hua Fei will not be something. Gently holding a pair of cool hands holding t.ilt on the heart of this more heavy. Last night he had just returned fidget cube black and green to Longgan Palace changing clothes meal soon, it will soon be fidget cube fidget cube Zhuhuagong to come to the fidget cube fidget cube servant, said Liu an urgent fidget cube release medical record intrinsic, please immediately to the emperor. Originally, had been sleeping in somehow, the body will continue to have Yinxue out, obviously the fetus has long been slipping, but her body, but a great loss due to excessive blood loss and the danger of the elephant. After the whole needle acupuncture point Liu emergency treatment, fidget cube where to purchase only to try to avoid such a blood flow caused by excessive collapse due to collapse. And in his back to Zhu Huagong again, is to see Waner fidget cube fidget cube faint to faint in the past, and Liu is full of sweat to kneel in front of their own, and some stuttering that he found Wan This child is basically the same fidget cube fidget cube as the general control of the fetus, like this from the body continue to Yin and Blood out of the abnormal, but rather to take a lot of red flowers caused by the blood bank collapse. He suspected that the maiden abortion and other hidden secrets. When he heard this, he had an angry heart suddenly cold, stared at the knees on the ground full of Liu, a moment actually forgot how to respond. For a long while, crying in Ning children please call the emperor for the Lord, for the death of the little prince when the shots, he gradually recovered a trace of consciousness. The fatigue of the past few days came so th.

he Xuanyuan Ze, Yunqing softly with comfort. Feeling out, after hearing something Hua Fei, or very nervous. In the end is once loved people, not fidget cube on the news to mention Hua Fei s belly still with his children. Looked at such a worry Xuan Yuan Ze, Yunqing Although the hearts of a trace of eating flavor, but also deeply understand the mood. This time, the Regulus has been deeply neglected Ze Hua Fei. If she is safe, he can feel at ease, but if her body has ailments, the guilt of the heart will be more difficult. And he also due to scruple their own feelings, is the worry can not show his face, so she is slightly distressed. Palm a tight, Yunqing then Xuanyuan Ze into her arms, listening to the powerful pound, her eyes slowly closed Heart, or gently sigh. The imperial doctor s diagnosis and treatment, said Hua Fei s body some of the recent poor blood, pulse instability, short term symptoms are not obvious, so Liu told the empress only to move around, diet as much as possible by the imperial doctor to open the fetal side of the therapeutic diet, That should be all right. Heard the imperial doctor told, the Hua Fei will support up, thank the emperor and the queen came to visit, awakened them for an apology at midnight. Pale, the whole person looks soft and weak, so when the body next to the maid did not pay attention to a careless so that the body of Hua Fei a soft, the whole person will fall back to bed again. Xuan Yuan Ze quickly s.e of disdain. The prince praised the Queen in order to queen empress, even if the fragments are also without hesitation, while the princes are dignified triumph and return to the hero, and today this trick is really drunk to the subterranean. Fist a hold, Murong Chong But respectfully bowed his head, on the Xuanyuan Mo Yu to mock Hao not mind. Although this person is a prince, but in his eyes, he only master the Queen Yunqing. No matter who, he will not let him hurt the empress. But had just, the princes but with the kind of drunken drunk trick to deceive the empress, and let him obviously feel, Empress in the emperor after leaving the mood, is so heavy. Oh, you are good eyesight to no wonder the fidget cube website Queen Mother, as you then, as the baby, personally you will be two brothers to become useful, but also rare she was willing to give you the fidget cube fidget cube clear child, did not send the wrong person in vain.You just think, You see through the king of drunk move, the king will be afraid fidget cube fidget cube of it Boxing heart suddenly clenched, he looked at fidget cube fidget cube the face of their own handsome man. Although angry in his respect is not obscure but still very satisfied with his loyalty to the cloud ching. Under the not Murong diligently looked up, flat as Xuanyu Moyu pair of evil intention to smile, looking still dull just want to say, if the prince fidget cube release date really love the empress, it will not deceive Her trust in you to hurt her If the prince is really Tanzania, why rely on it Is Yunya gently smiled, it was clearly taunted dark sensual pleasures, so that other people is the hearts of agitation, have phase fidget cube online Look at it, then along with Yun Ya out together. Zhu Palace, Yunqing first sitting in someone else s palace face saw this gorgeous concubines harem concubines, although are already seen more than once face, but when looking at both those who are jealous of the jealous shot to the eye, the heart also Yunqing burst sense of loss. This is her choice of the road, unswervingly guarding their love, no matter how hard the more difficult, but also tightly do not let go, just want to keep with him, a little longer love. She has been working, she also knows that he has been working hard. So since the church on the busy she can not help him, then this harem thing, let her cope with it. The palace know, for the emperor of the pet house, Seoul and so are the heart of the mouth. The Palace also know that the house is not extraordinary posture, no special talent, even compared to the sisters, the fidget cube shop Palace is Only the palace to tell you soon, the emperor and the palace is not between the so called special pet, only love or not love Yunqing severely swept the crowd, the sound cold. In front of many women, she almost never severe, but today, she used the queen of the majesty, sitting in the Zhu Hua Gong, the rule of the crowd. CHAPTER 25 DECISIONS Oh, the empress had a modest Goddess of beauty and beauty.

Fidget Cube Fidget Cube woo, I promise, after I do wicked things Ninger sister A little maid look at this situation, but also under the heart micro Hai, do not know Ninger sister in the end to see what, could not help whispering to try to call her. This sound, but also to the edge of the collapse of the Ninger consciousness of a clear, busy toward the sound of a place to quickly climb, regardless of their own at this time look awkward, tears rushed to the maid of a foot, constantly repeating Ghosts, ghosts ah Cai Yi, I see Caiyi fidget cube release day the Cai Yi The name of a mining clothing, everyone is also surprised the heart, invariably looked at the hole to open the window, blowing from the outside wind, seems to be the same person sobbing, people can not help but a body Shake, inexplicably cold. Caini, Cai clothing she came to me claim life, and blood, a lot of blood Ninger lost heart crazy as tightly holding the maid of the legs and feet, how not to release, scared the ladies is a look Tense to fidget cube fidget cube the people fidget cube fidget cube next to help. I went to call the empress Witnessed another eunuch came in, busy turned out, quickly ran toward the warm Hong Court. From time to time, surrounded by a complex footsteps, rather children have been immersed in the shock had just been, how to persuade her to refuse to let fidget cube fidget cube her hand. Ning children, what happened He Ruowan dressed in an apricot white cloak in the other two ladies under the arm of the Ninger ran i.nothing to do with the helpless look at the pink one, and then turned back Chih hsia, A quick step to keep up with Yunqing. When fidget cube fidget cube again stepped into the breeze Xuan, Xuan Yuan Ze suddenly found that he did not like a good long time did not come here. This painting is what people do Into the house will see that hanging on the wall Yunqing play butterflies portraits, they stared in the spot, slightly lost mind, until the cloud Qing soft opening call, only to hear him Muttered questions. Yunqing gently smile, looking at his eyes amazing, the past few days, gloomy mood is also a moment of light up. I do not know what to do Regulus Ze nodded lightly, eyes and flow between the people in the ripple, the eyes are reflected in fidget cube fidget cube a trace of unknown cold Italy, so Yunqing moment of trance. It seems he saw this picture, the mood is more heavy. How, you do not like it Yunqing voice also immediately dim, only to find himself with him, even some of the raw, sad. How could this be Just a few days later, why the man who can no longer find the once warm, even so cold. Conscientious sense of Jun pity, the situation must ask days. Staring at the painting above the day Yunqing essays to mention the line of words, Mouguang deep. Do not look to the cloud ching, just looked at the people in the painting children, asked Yun Er, this is your word Painting in the red in the attack that Jinfeng Luo fidget cube website Shan under the foil, seemed so happy and beautiful

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