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Fidget Cube Kickstarter Shopping rongly what drug. And he configured the medicated, all tonic, there is no any side effects. And he is very skeptical, the goddess may be eating what should not eat things become so dangerous. After listening to these, Xuan Yuan Ze heart is also slightly shocked, immediately asked Ninger Palace who recently went with Hua Fei, and who often with tea and tea with snacks and the like. Ning Er Zuo Si to the right, but it is shook his head and said that if the argument is to go with the empress of the little master Jie Yu Yun Ya, but Yunqing recent is less. At this point, she also secretly sigh, said the empress since falling out of favor, some usually like to curry favor with the little master is no longer coming, Zhu Huagong all of a sudden by the former Mentingruo become today s eloquent, no wonder the empress heart stagnation, then Is no longer care, these changes still need to adapt slowly. But the Queen is the Queen of Empress, as always, to visit the empress, occasionally even talk to Miss very speculative, so Miss often sigh they used to calculate the Queen, but do not want to, but now that the Queen is the most close to her children. Therefore, although the palace concubines numerous, only to convince the empress, only the queen. After listening to these, Regulus Ze also believe that the cloud is that open minded, and people do not care about the kind hearted woman. But do not want to listen to children from the Nin.the resulting illness. And later due to the accumulation of more and more heavy dose, is Hua Fei s body is getting fidget cube kickstarter shopping worse, so that there will be seen before the fetal movement red phenomenon, if continue to take, there will be even a large number of slippery fetal symptoms of bleeding. So confirmed by the imperial doctor, the phenomenon of Hua Fei Niangniang is taking these red flowers of the tonic, which led to the slide child. And those things, Zhu Gong Palace of the people agreed that Queen Queen was pregnant after Hua Fei, have been sent. But what Peach anxiously watching the creak Wu Wu s regular father in law, could not help but reminders. Often father in law, the emperor wants you to come to the palace, is not want to take the house to fidget cube desk toy go to ask Yunqing has been quietly listening to Lingge et al eager to excuse, the surface surprised by the beginning gradually return Indifferent calm. fidget cube net She asked gently asked, obviously so dull, letting Changle heart next tight, some sad bowed his head, replied is not empress, the emperor is to let the empress or you send a trusted The servant went back and confirmed, to see if those things were the goddess. Heart, suddenly sank, as early as that music has just been Chase, she should guess If he believes in yourself, why let people come to ask yourself Oh, the occurrence of such a thing is already expected, but his reaction, but contrary to their own expectations. The orig.

nothing to do with the helpless look at the pink one, and then turned back Chih hsia, A quick step to keep up with Yunqing. When again stepped into the breeze Xuan, Xuan Yuan Ze suddenly found that he did not like a good long time did not come here. This painting is what people do fidget cube kickstarter shopping Into the house will see that hanging on the wall Yunqing play butterflies portraits, they stared in the spot, slightly lost mind, until the cloud Qing soft opening call, only to hear him Muttered questions. Yunqing gently smile, looking at his eyes amazing, the past few days, gloomy mood is also a moment of light up. I do not know what to do Regulus Ze nodded lightly, eyes and flow between the people in the ripple, the eyes are reflected in fidget cube kickstarter shopping a trace of unknown cold Italy, so Yunqing moment of trance. It seems he saw this picture, the mood is more heavy. How, you do not like it Yunqing voice also immediately dim, fidget cube coupon only to find himself with him, even some of the raw, sad. How could this be Just a few days later, why the man who can no longer find the once warm, even so cold. Conscientious sense of Jun pity, the situation must ask days. Staring at the painting above the day Yunqing essays to mention the line of words, Mouguang deep. Do not look to the cloud ching, just looked at the people in the painting children, asked Yun Er, this is your word Painting in the red in the attack that Jinfeng Luo Shan under the foil, seemed so happy and beautifulthe Buddha, as long as the child can be born in peace, how to punish the sister in the future are willing. Yunqing quietly looked at her, the surface always yang gently smile, quietly listening to her sad Jedi with their constant crying Sister, we all said that my sister killed my child the emperor said, Sister, sister to ask you, all this, in the fidget cube kickstarter shopping end is not my sister to do In the end cough, Keke Speaking of sadness, she was actually panting, but also mixed with a little cough, so that the side of the Xuan Yuan Zeyi bent over and gently patted her, said Wanie excitement, do not hurt the body I said do not let you come, you want to come, see, and excited not The 279th chapter out of control mood Goddess, do not hurt the Ning children crying and kneeling in the hands of He Ruowan, fidget cube kickstarter shopping softly comfort her, and then suddenly turned back bitterly, staring straight Yunqing, cursed She was a house, even so ruthless, even an unborn child are under the hand She simply does not deserve to be Queen She is a vicious woman My Goddess has been Want to turn over a new leaf, even if you do not want revenge on the emperor and the empress of the flesh and blood under the murderous, actually almost killed the empress, your conscience Ho At this time Ning children finished, then the sound of a Li, loudly stop drinking, exclaimed Not quick to grasp the mouth, the mouth is not the same, What is the Queen s it Is Yunya gently smiled, it was clearly taunted dark sensual pleasures, so fridge cube that other people is the hearts of agitation, have phase Look at it, then along with Yun Ya out together. Zhu Palace, Yunqing first sitting in someone else s palace face saw this gorgeous concubines harem concubines, although are already seen more than once face, but when fidget cube where to purchase looking at both those who are jealous of the jealous shot to the eye, the heart also Yunqing burst sense of loss. This is her choice of the road, unswervingly guarding their love, no matter how hard the more difficult, but also tightly do not let go, just want to keep with him, a little longer love. She has been working, she also knows that he has been working hard. So since the church on the busy she can not help him, then this harem thing, let her cope with it. The palace know, for fidget cube kickstarter shopping the emperor of the pet house, Seoul and so are the heart of the mouth. The Palace also know that the house is not extraordinary posture, no special talent, even compared to the sisters, the Palace is Only the palace to tell you soon, the emperor and the palace is not between the so called special pet, only love or not love Yunqing severely swept the crowd, the sound cold. In front of many women, she almost never severe, but today, she used the queen of fidget cube adults the majesty, sitting in the Zhu Hua Gong, the rule of the crowd. CHAPTER 25 DECISIONS Oh, the empress had a fidget cube antsy lab modest Goddess of beauty and beauty.

Fidget Cube Kickstarter Shopping ews. At that moment, she did not know how much he worried He went crazy like crazy to her Jinfeng Palace, forcing her to say Ling Ge to whereabouts, full of anxiety came to see, but only in exchange for her silent back to their own. Damn, she really want to live here so now fidget cube kickstarter shopping So she wanted to get rid of their own, never seen Because he suddenly moves to Yunqing too late to respond to the hands of the brush was a pull under his accidentally thrown out of the ink, all splashed down to the Xuan Yuan Ze that hit the bright yellow Jinpao above Yunqing stunned slightly Qing Hu, But immediately feel the shoulder pain, brow involuntarily screwed to one place. I m sorry, Chenqie accidentally dirty emperor robes, please also forgive the emperor Listen to him and his kind of identity between the call, the heart is a heavy fall, Mouguang sadly. However, in front of people can not tolerate her to Meimou fall, his hands a micro force, her eyebrows could not help but to wrinkle, and finally raised his pair of eyebrows to Meimou, on his face goes dark Chunliang Jun. Answer I, in the end why you moved here In the end is not to Xuanyuan Mo Yu, is not for him Damn, she just said what He is not her kind of care about him to answer, he asked her to face her, she is not in the end to avoid themselves. Back to the emperor, Chenqie just feel comfortable and quiet here, suitable for Chenqie living with others has fidget cube kickstarter shopping nothing to do, listening to him.l pink peach in the side did not see the original, this girl actually secretly took her to throw the word to fidget cube kickstarter shopping Ze to go. Oh, this girl Regulus Ze laughed and turned her body, that ambiguous smile to Yunqing looking red, fidget cube cost not help Shuitie. I do not blame her, we have to thank fidget cube kickstarter shopping her The eyes, not to look at his eyes. But I fidget cube kickstarter shopping do not know her fidget cube kickstarter shopping shy look to Regulus Ze atrium with a move, clasped fidget cube kickstarter shopping her waist to his hands is also a slight tight in Yunqing some surprised to rise, the head of a low, goes with a cool lips will be tightly printed on her Ground. In the evening, after the departure of the Waner he would immediately want to come before the clouds, but the Ming and Qing Wang suddenly came to see, and with their own sin, said drunk last night he offended Queen Empress, asked him to punish He Xuanyuan Moyu although the hearts of gas, but because he has just meritorious and back, last night and the matter is also involved on the clouds, if at the moment for him to do the crime, fidget cube walmart that their relationship with the cloud will be more Was four field to the sound of the fight, that time and their own situation in the cloud will be more difficult. Thinking of this, he just reminded him to stay with the cloud between the distance should be maintained The propriety, the Shouli etiquette, if contrary to, and that he is his own imperial brother, he will not Qingrao. After the conversation in the two, often come in to tell their own music, sai.

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