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Fidget Cube Original a word turned to go away, her heart is still slightly worried for Miss. Miss and the emperor finally came together, and now looked around is sent a, Miss and the emperor can not be between the regeneration of this misunderstanding She is very angry that the Ming and Qing Wang, no matter how serious he was drunk, his kind of desperate to force the young lady, it is not true love Miss. If he really love Miss, how willing to suffer again and miss If he really miss the lady, how willing to cruel to push the lady will be the world fidget cube original cursed beyond redemption If he really miss the lady, should try to make the lady had better, rather than harm her into the way to look like, so to dejected. See the little peach they come, peach heart is a burst of sorrow and grief, busy and small pink together to persuade Yes, Miss. We have been here for a long time, go back She had not persuaded not to move Miss, but also not easy to leave Miss back to find a small pink to help, only distressed but reluctantly accompanied Miss blowing in the cool breeze here. At first, she also tried to comfort some words to comfort the lady. fidget cube original But talking and talking, only to her to talk to himself, Miss should not own. She knew Miss sad, the emperor must have misunderstood the lady, so what did not ask, said nothing to turn away. But she is more aware of Miss, Miss is waiting for him here. Miss is to wait for the emperor fidget cube sale to come back here, whether it is angry the mirror that pale as a ghost woman, his face Yinhen almost twisted the mirror, but no longer twisted her heart. She suffered so much suffering, continued to take the preparation of the Liu Quan those ghost drugs, will make people do not people, ghosts do not ghost It s all just for this day Yunqing She had said, between her and her, not you die, that I die Although the plot to play their own, but in the eyes of the emperor, but all crown in the head of that woman All this, not wasting their own so painstaking, cost so much energy and vitality As long as it can defeat the woman, from the harem, they will still become the most favored concubine Even, she may become a queen Completely to that should belong to their own palace in the bit back Goddess natural beauty, even this pale haggard look are so touching, slaves to, and so the empress and then restore the glory of the time, that the harem of the empress, , No woman can be more beautiful than the empress moving Ning child while hair for the master, while watching the mirror of the person s look, see her somewhat sadly, busy with the tease their favor. Oh, Ning child is really more and more like it Do not worry, as long as the Palace is better, naturally not ill treat you Gently smile, He Nianwan fidget cube on ebay looked Ninger Zhang Qingxiu s face, palpitation Clenched a few minutes. Yes, as long as this thing in the past, and then in addition to Ning and Liu Quan, then the palac.

small peach red. Yes However, in a small pink desire to close each other when the palace was actually a sudden jump, very tragic to Guaijiao soon as Huafei Goddess, slaves I m sorry you , followed by stunned when all mouth , Quickly rushed not far from a temple column. Bang heavy bang, the fidget cube for anxiety woman immediately blood on the spot, scared Yunqing heart jump, the body seems to be struck by lightning in general, immediately hands and feet cold, stare on the spot. Ling, the first song from the shock back to God, the first to hear the words rushed into the house is overwhelmed fidget cube original by a public bodyguard, loudly commanded. Vomit Yunqing stomach burst burst, looking pale and colorless immediately, could not help but utter nausea, busy raising his hand over his face, scared little peach and peach busy approached hold Miss quickly leave here Well Yunqing throat sour, and feel an uncontrollable fishy taste of the nose is full of deep, so she did not dare move, only to close your eyes and tightened up a little bit. I am all right. Lingge, how she like it Bipao two gently waved his hand, Yunqing efforts to fidget cube youtube fidget cube original suppress the uncomfortable heart, pretending to calmly asked. Ling Song is a look of Senleng, some heavy should be said Goddess, this person has not breathed. Peach full of complaints, life for the first time watched the first live in the eyes of someone killed, the heart burst of fear, and now it is also a bad idea Bang jump endlesst it is for the boat cited disaster, He Ruowan looking the same, looking at that do not want to manage their own men, , But still insisted said. Empress Looking at the emperor instantly discoloration of the face, often happy scared knees a soft, Pu fidget cube original Tong soon as they kneel down. How surprised the hearts of Hua Fei so how to speak with the emperor, that is, before she was favored from the emperor did not fidget cube original dare to say this outrageous words, today, this is what she meant Regulus Ze suddenly looked up and looked at their own, how is a faint smile, look as usual The emperor, even if your body is strong, but if the dragon is strong, but if the emperor is not anxious to blame Chenqie, Chenqie if not finished Chenqie do not want to say what happened between the emperor and queen, Chenqie just want to say, the emperor you do not eat, that is, the world irresponsible, is the right People irresponsible, This is what you come to me to say today to say Quietly staring amazon fidget cube at her for a long while, Xuan Yuan Ze saw her eyes and then no usual tenderness, and the rest is only a light to peace, Seems to have bearish on everything. So to Ms, so that she could not help but think that the palace heard in the cloud to her remarks. Although she fidget cube prime complained herself, but has put aside everything, no longer luxury their love. This time, he did not want to go to see fidget cube buy online her. Now she only hope that her child can be a fidget cube original little better on her belly like, so to h.quickly wiped from the heart, show the lips raised a trace of her chuckle, said I am not , So you hard. He sincerely hope that she will always be the love of his heart that cloud, all the insidious never count with her contaminated. Jing whether someone hurt her, or she hurt others, he never wanted to fidget cube kickstarter shopping see. I m fine. Looking at his rare smile, Yunqing also heart next wide, had just gently dispersed along the cloud. Sure enough, he is too sensitive, and he just casually ask, how could have no suspicion of their own Jane, not to mention, he just because some worry Hua Fei s condition, how can he at this time of his heart he read it Goddess, the empress you hold on, Goddess The palace suddenly heard screams ladies, followed by loudly heard the command of Liu fast, propped up the empress, do not let her blood loss due to excessive syncope in the past Regulus Ze heart jump, the whole person has been brush to stand up, did not wait for Yunqing stand up, he has burst into the air burst into the hall. His face fluttering only when he rushed from the violent air, Yunqing looked at his disappearing back, a tight heart, but also quickly got up and went into the hall. However, when fidget cube original she had just lift the curtain into the inside when it was out from the side is out of the Xuepao ladies hit a bit, immediately, a pot of blood overflowing with thick bloody Hao Hao Yun ching to splash on the body, though not much, but enough to Yunqi.

Fidget Cube Original owever, the tree for static and wind, although deliberately to ignore these gossip, but these rumors or as unstoppable winds, the day fidget cube original will be in the ear. May the first day of the day, put on vacation to Xuan Yuan Ze Yunqing Palace with a play, two people in the absence of binding to the palace outside the kite flying together, tour the lake to enjoy the scenery, with the horse gallop At that time Yunqing is so happy, always inadvertently for his own hair or with their fingers tightly, her heart was filled with happiness. Good hope, he and she get along with the time to stop, never go. However, fidget cube original the face can never be ignored, that is, Yunqing in the palace can indifferently whisper, in the upwards Xuan Yuan Ze can deliberately ignore those who start their favorite Yunqing topic on the table to mention the memorial, but More and more pressure, or more and more obvious forcing two to face. Twelve today, the Ming and Qing Wang Yu Yuan Mo Yu North Korea. More days not seen, he added to the brow of a sharp domineering, as if a battle in the battle of the victorious general, gestures, give a person can not be described as handsome style. There is no excuse to visit the Empress Dowager to the palace, he fidget cube original is also unable to find a chance to explore the palace Yunqing, is the night, he is no longer sneak into the Jinfeng Gong to see her secretly. So to him, grumpy, back to the DPRK, he first wanted to see people is that he has not.bitter, he is more clear than anyone else. All against, all the exclusion as the mountains generally straight fidget cube lowest price to the emperor. The ministers, who had fidget cube original a preacher s stance, had been disillusioned by the emperor s disregard for their advice, and had always been lazy about the affairs of the government, and almost all the affairs had to be answered by the emperor himself. And if the emperor asked, they also fidget cube youtube said that the emperor is a king of the country, they do courtiers, and only everywhere to listen to St. orders to act, or off fidget cube original not secretly deal with. Under the implication that the emperor does not listen to people to persuade, that they have no enthusiasm, so things are extremely neglected things, things do not go wrong, but to complete to fast and good, unless the emperor hands on. So obviously the attitude of the emperor how can I do not know, but just one person picking up all the things, even if no matter how tired, but also not to those ministers to compromise. Now in order to train a number of new officials, the emperor is working day and night. So every day watching the emperor almost sleeplessly , he can not bear to heart But now Hua Fei also out of this matter, really a disaster not alone, alas Palace today, all right Xuan Yuan Chak hand gently eyebrows, nor looked up, just casually asked. Return to the emperor, the palace today, all calm, nothing special happened. Changle understand the emperor asked the good.

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