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Fidget Cube Prime Only want to know, in the end you have my heart, is there He clutched his sword tightly directed at his heart, eyes Straight looking at Yunqing pair of exposed anxious fidget cube for kids to the color of the United States Mou heart slightly warm. He knew she was not willing to own, she is so kind, that is, she ruthlessly said to punish his heart under the discourse, but also can not really bear to see their injuries. Now the man came to their side, but also live up to their own people bother to touch the table to lead fidget cube prime only her Qingbei table out. Now, he would let the man see, clear children care about, but their own You first let go, your hands are in the blood, you hurt Yunqing some powerless to look at him so insist on look, simply can not tell, in the end he knows do not know what they are doing His hands do not know pain His hands are in the blood, he was so dangerous to point to his sword atrial, he is, to force her Pure heart, as long as you are willing to tell me, as long as you tell me, in the end you have to me in the end Even if only a little bit of a shadow to the slightest I meet.Qing Er, you say, if not that person, if you are not that People to the Queen, you will not want to love me Qinger, as long as you told me, I let go He suddenly the sword and then approaching his heart, scared Murong Chong is also a palm of a tight, but Regulus Moyu Wojian to hand, cut deeper, the blood also went faster. Yunqing to heartache, and she never tho.f all fidget cube prime only the words conveyed it again, but also let his heart sank inexplicably, not tell what it feels like, Just a kind of let him extremely uncomfortable idea, inexplicable to sweep on the heart. CHAPTER TWO CHRONOLOGY OF THE CHAO TANG Yunqing listened to his slightly dull voice, know that he has not slept a good night these days, but why the busy government, while the intrauterine treatment of intrauterine Is fidget cube on prime an accident constantly Ugh I hope all things can be calmed down as soon as possible, he can not run around a few days, even a wholeness sleep well. Well I go, you have a good fidget cube prime only sleep Looked at her face that familiar fears, his heart is still a slight pity move, but too fidget cube prime only much upset that he could not calmly stay in her side, He just want to temporarily avoid her, give each other a more rational space. Ze In his desire to release her hand on the occasion, Yunqing palms a micro force, the person will suddenly flapping forward, gently hugged his body, light call out loud. This Xuanyuan Ze body meal, his waist was Yunqing hands clasped, so that his heart suddenly a move, his arms immediately back to hold her tiny body, heart, in the sigh. He wanted to stay in this side of her never to think about those so fidget cube prime only called troubles, I think his cloud is always such a gentle and pleasant at this time, he even thought he was no longer that high above the emperor, but desperate And only with her each other. But all the pressure to force.

oroughly, his heart was too heavy to breathe. Face expressionless told Liu to be sure to find out the truth Hua Fei slid tires, he ordered a thorough investigation of Huafei recent meal, even her usual drink tea snacks, but also one by one backup. Be sure to find out, Hua Fei this off the child, in the end is accidentally or deliberately and fidget cube cost seek. Fortunately, that night did not find anything, I do not know fidget cube price why, his heart was secretly relieved. So has been tossing to the early dynasties, he was ordered to take care of Hua Fei, other things, such as his back to the palace after the line. But today, he returned to the palace, not so stepped into the Zhu Hua Palace, they heard two clothes from the Huan Yi back from the small palace is the other side through the Gallery, and whispered the Queen said today walking in Zhu Chinese palace in severe warning public concubines may not mention the news of the special pet. And said the Queen fidget cube prime only today, then let it out, if there is any small main dare to privately criticized in her, will be immediately into the limbo. When you see yourself, the two little ladies immediately scared looking pale, flutter Tom heard even the hands of the clothes off the ground have forgotten pick pick up, only desperately request the emperor mercy. When he asked what they had just said in the end is how the matter in the end, the two talented people in fear of the Queen today in Zhuhua Palace, the meaning o.Goddess is the mother of the palace, in the concubines among not only has a very high status, and now also has the emperor s only favor, naturally extremely happy, while Hua Fei was the Emperor Chong Fei, and the first pregnant with the emperor But if the prince, to Hua Fei has been favored by the experience, she is likely to rely on the child once again won the emperor s favor, but also fridge cube to the empress, , And even most likely in the palace once again crossed the empress status, so in order to position, the empress will not tolerate Hua Fei belly of the child, thus designed to harm her His voice is not high, but in the silence of the night in the extreme clarity, so that Peach listened to the angry face immediately red, and turned around and stared at him, said What do you paste, Miss how could such a person. fidget cube prime only But this reason is easier to set up Goddess how we are very clear, but it does not mean that other people also believe that Goddess disdain for those contend for pet means.However, do not you think this reason is not enough to let the goddess speechless If it was someone stab wounding, that person is a stone two birds of fidget cube prime only the plan, not only knocked down the Hua fidget cube prime only Fei s children so that she would like to rely on the opportunity to stand up and reduce the child, but also against the empress, there may be so empress status shake Lingge worried watching Yunqing, although she is still back to himself, but he was able t.on the day of the incident The emperor, you believe it or not believe it or not , I will not do any explanation Turned coldly looked at the man seems to Zhengzhu, Yunqing deep eyes, never see the former clear, only the endless colorless black pupil constantly intake of his increasingly tight line of sight, until Peach, dirty here, we go Tightly holding the hands of Bi Tao, Yunqing last powerless to leave all the people, just want to leave here as soon as possible. Heart, endless endless sinking. She was tight with the last sense of a string, just want to quickly escape this so that she can no longer stay in the foot, where the dirty That chair to make her nausea, that person makes her nausea, that the taste of blood to her nausea, and Ning children that a splash of blood on their own, nausea From no time like this at this time of the whole body tension, fidget cube prime only she just want to trot fidget cube for adhd out, ran out of the rain without shelter she, really want to cry a Miss, outside in the rain Peach felt his hand was cut lady, I do not know where fidget cube prime only the effort to let her feel the pain in the back of the hand hurt. But she is more distressed Miss, Miss this time she saw her one side face, no tears of the side face. I do not know why, she suddenly found that this way the lady so sad. Like a heartless dolls, obviously the appearance of integrity, but people have a kind fidget cube prime only of broken unbearable sadness. Pull so desperate Miss, she has been.

Fidget Cube Prime Only eople get sad. Yunqing so deeply staring at the pair of cold Xingmou cold, do not know how to speak. Clear children Palms once again being forced to grip around the people, accompanied by Regulus Mexican jade sound slightly dissatisfied with the sound, surrounded by the atmosphere was immediately broken. Changle feel the original static stand iceberg suddenly broke out. With the emperor to the robes from the fidget cube desk toy high altitude to fly, the fidget cube kickstarter purchase whole body that had the cold air to immediately dissipate. With the immediate a flower, had just silently silhouette will be turned quickly from their side passing, with a huge wind from the ground, scratched him almost standing instability. Ze. Heart, heavy sank. Yunqing just had just clear that an earth and an instant dark fidget cube net to a dark, only that assassination head yellow, is heavily stimulated her to the eye. He, why not rushed over to ask themselves angry Why is this Why did he just look at his silent but turned and left at the moment Regulus Ze body meal, listening to the sound that he was deeply eager to light call, palms it is more and more tight. Cloud, he loves to cloud, he would like to hold in the palm of the hand, care in the back to the woman He to his wife, he to the emperor, after he was willing to use his life to hold the hands of the only beloved person. Why, why is she at the moment to the side, standing to their own but it is others Why did she even in the hearts of others.nia Park, the flowers among the stone bench on top of the rest. Tonight is just returned from Guyang Regulus Moyu held to pick up the wind and wash fidget cube for adults and kids the dust banquet, all the Senate to the Minister did not last as extensive, the lowest is also more than three officials were invited to be in the column. However, Yunqing feel more uncomfortable than the last time, depressed her breath some of the general can not, let her have the opportunity to go out, they no longer want to easily go. Banquet, although the ministers are clearly congratulating the Ming and Qing Wang from the border triumphant return, but still some people from time to time by toasting and congratulations and other words, suggesting that the emperor should not be pet Yunqing. There will be ministers to remind Yunqing, as the queen, she should be the first example of concubines, should persuade the emperor were exposed to rain and rain. Zhongchen although the words subtle, and are by ancient to the story of secretly indicate, but still let Yunqing and Xuanyuan Ze are clear to understand all thoughts. Of these ministers, almost half of the daughter or the pro band with the old woman into the palace, although some time ago heard the emperor had summoned a few of the little master, but most of the women are not the emperor Lin Xing. And these women are almost all the palace into the palace of career growth fidget cube prime only to a shortcut, so now the emperor even pet queen one p.

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