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Fidget Cube Release Day e will no longer know what kind of person Oh, that time, she can be a high Qing Chen Wen lian to worry free In order to successfully play the mother of a palace, from the mother Miriam world Jinfeng Gong, He Ruowan that slender body in the ladies of the arm from the sedan chair down, slowly came to the palace door, but was guards categorically stopped outside the palace. Wanton, Hua Fei Goddess want to go in, you dare to stop Ninger facial features a pick, very sharp to scold the two with a knife to block the guards, the voice with arrogance of the taste. Please forgive his rude, the emperor has commanded, unless there is a metaphor of the emperor, or whoever is, are not allowed to come in Head of the guards to prevent the first low, respectfully toward the Hua Fei salute. However, the hands are not loose Hao, resolutely implement the emperor ordered not to allow any person at random. The palace something like to ask the queen personally, can be a convenient line, the capacity of the palace in two sentences to go He Ruoyan if the springs, a pale complexion as white in general, it seems to stand here, she Will fainted in the past. Empress, with these slaves and more waste what tongue Empress just want to come to justice, what the woman killed the goddess flesh and blood still dodging can not fidget cube order see people Ninger Xiu Mei a twist wanted to pull He Ruowan Strong red, on both sides of the gu.t jumped out Chest to. Facing the Xuanyuan Ze is the two ring head, he also to his family s life and security, not dare to deceive the king. Then, they listen to Xuan Yuan Ze let people go to the legendary doctor Fu Ming, ordered the rushed came Zhu Huagong, together to investigate whether the Hua Fei Tang meal in safflower ingredients. Soon, Fu Ming came, after looking, smell, taste the three debates, found that soup is really mixed with safflower, scared that Chen Rui almost paralyzed on the ground, in addition to addressing wronged, simply do not know how to justify. The emperor, would like to Zhuhuan Gongren more complex eyes, will not be someone else by Chen Rui fidget cube net not pay attention when quietly put the red flowers, including the emperor as all involved in ingredients, fire, All the people all gathered together, but also more accurately detect, in the end who is wanting to harm Hua Fei Yunqing seeing this, look like Chen Ru really do not know the way, not help out of the proposal. Has certainly affirmed that some people fidget cube walmart want to harm Hua Fei, fidget cube release day but in the end is what the next hand, behind the scenes of the people who in the end, it is the need for further detailed investigation. Such as this is Chen Rui, it is simply not useful, the murderers or can not be caught. Regulus Ze lightly turned around to 2 fidget cube see her eyes did not agree with no objection, but some looked at her a long while, and the rear nodded Well, according to.

I have received from the law of fidget cube canada the People s Republic of China. Because of him, not only detrimental to my day Que reputation, but also damage the national interests.So, I decided to recover the hands of military power, by the Ministry of fidget cube release day War to be Duan Qing Ming take over, the public may have objections. The emperor Duan Qing Ming looking a surprised, immediately fidget cube release day kneel on one knee, loudly thanks thank the emperor for the imperial court The emperor Duanzheng Chun originally dissatisfied with his son openly overturned his remarks, at the moment even fidget cube release day the emperor to protect the country s generals of the military power to Qingming, immediately is slightly surprised a moment, the eyes but could not conceal the joy. Zhongchen first Yizheng, then all invariably look to the face of the prime minister of the face of contemplation, eyebrows are all the sudden decision of the emperor was surprised. Xuanyuan ink jade is Junmei Yizhou, some accidentally look to the face of a calm Xuanyuan Ze, palms slightly Zuanjin. Thought the prime minister will speak out against, but after a long while, surprised to see the sea with a hand the arch of the sea, said The emperor reward and punishment is clear, impartial, veteran deeply gratified.Although the section of young adults, can be its Bingbushangshi love Son, from the magic to read the book, in fact, is nothing wrong, veteran no objection. Oh Xuanyuan Ze Junmei a challenge, eyes were s.he Xuanyuan Ze, Yunqing softly with comfort. Feeling out, after hearing something Hua Fei, or very nervous. In the end is once loved people, not to mention Hua Fei s belly still with his children. Looked at such a worry Xuan Yuan Ze, Yunqing Although the hearts fidget cube release day of a trace of eating flavor, but also deeply understand the mood. This time, the Regulus has been deeply neglected Ze Hua Fei. If she is safe, he can feel at ease, but if her body has ailments, the guilt of the heart will fidget cube relieves stress be more difficult. And he also due to scruple their own feelings, is the worry can not show his face, so she is slightly distressed. Palm a tight, Yunqing then Xuanyuan Ze into her arms, listening to the powerful pound, her eyes slowly closed Heart, or gently sigh. The fidget cube release day imperial doctor s diagnosis and treatment, said Hua Fei s body fidget cube release day fidget cube release day some of the recent poor blood, pulse instability, short term symptoms are not obvious, so Liu told the empress only to move around, diet as much as possible by the imperial doctor to open the fetal side of fidget cube desk toy kickstarter the therapeutic diet, That should be all right. Heard the imperial doctor told, the Hua Fei will support up, thank the emperor and the queen came to visit, awakened them for an apology at midnight. Pale, the whole person looks soft fidget cube release day and weak, so when the body next to the maid did not pay attention to a careless so that the body of Hua Fei a soft, the whole person will fall back to bed again. Xuan Yuan Ze quickly s.bowed their heads. Things to now, she has not any retreat The people here, will be possible to divulge their deeds of the damned people, especially Ning children Think of this, He Liwan once again sharp look Ninger one, let her body a shocking, listen to her and said Ning child, these two days you are too tired, up Caiyi just died, you alone So that after the Palace will find two people to help you, so that you will not appear those who should not have the illusion of it Slaves thank grace grace, slaves are too tired, so just will appear hallucinations If enough, quickly interrupted Ning children, then looked at her eyes full of disgust, they immediately turned to severance of the crowd, leaving only one child Ninger lost alone. Heart to sit on the floor, thinking about Miss had just fidget cube buy online left, the heart is scared and scared Wind, still roaring past. That from time to time the sound of pop sound like a reminder, like the moment in the knock on the human heart, people no longer difficult to fall asleep. Palace above, that handsome young man gently put away the cloak of blood clots and black hair, fingertips will be the previous light twist open slightly tiles, lips gently brought back a touch of sneer. And then see his stature flash, as the wing bat in the night, like the rapid development of light toward the direction of the palace of Ning Xin away The middle of the night suddenly bega.

Fidget Cube Release Day , it is how happy life thing However, it happens that people do not know how to cherish, but also so deep to hurt his children Regulus Ze His fingers abruptly giggle, so Yunqing eyelids jump, surrounded by an invisible cold will feel an immediate wrap themselves, so her atrium startled, opening I am back to the palace to rest, you still hurry back If you find that you actually intruded fidget cube release day into the Forbidden City, when it will cause unnecessary trouble Miss, flute Bi Tao far more than a man to see plum, at the moment approached, but found that man was actually the Ming and Qing Wang. Last time because of him, Miss no less was full house of people rhetoric, how today this case, he again I do jade, do you still on the body Yunqing not yet turned back, before they stretched out a fidget cube release day slender hand, accompanied by some cool Xuanyu Mexico Yu voice, so she was puzzled its meaning, some inexplicable Look at him What jade You lost Regulus fidget cube release day Moyu s voice was a Yang, that with an angry voice to Yunqing surprised, subconsciously step back. Murong Chong is also fast forward, reaching out to protect the cloud behind, attracted Xuanyuan Jun Yu Mei Jun a pick, said Get out Miss BiTao trot came to YunQing side, looking at those who seem to poor Xuanyuan ink jade, accusations princes in this do even, the last Miss harm is not enough The 268th chapter of love paranoia fidget cube shopping Yunqing quickly stopped to speak, but it is attracted Xuanyu ink jade surface wh.ords of relief did not say it Damn, she is such a virtuous, she has her own doubts in her time, or, as always, concerned about their own body, to comfort themselves should be more rest. But fidget cube release day he did what He even ignored her feelings again and again in front of her face as to comfort the Ms, he even suspected her, so looking at her rainy night to leave the body covered in blood, did not give her half sentence comfort. He damn, but also because of her portrait and mistakenly thought that she was eager for that covered with Fengshen and favor, asked her not to hurt the deep words Wind, call him to light Yang s robes, that rushing Zheng Zheng as if complaining of his ruthless. He remembered, in the last because of the misunderstanding of Moyu things, the cloud from beginning to fidget cube anxiety stress relief focus end did not have anything to defend their own Because she thought she would believe her, so she will be in their own pollution of the ink point of the suspect word, sad to want to throw away the Peach. The kind of mood is so quietly waiting for her in there, just want to be able to do her trust, but he did not. Now, he even in this event, once again hurt her heart Chapter 271 The Emperor s Heart Oh, that is to say, the Queen if convicted down, then lunch Xuanyuan Ze remark made, cold, even under the sea under the heart of the sea are surprised, and some accidentally looked at the top of the young emperor, fingertips Light twist. And Xuanyuan ink jade.

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